August 2011

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Bicycles to Reduce Newport Event Traffic Congestion

(submitted to Newport This Week on 8/12/11) I was just putting finishing touches on a response to Tom Shevlin’s insightful article City Moves to Ease Traffic Crunch (Newport This Week 8/11/11) – suggesting the obvious-to-some solution of combining our efforts to ease Folk and Jazz Festival traffic in Newport with our efforts to improve and encourage bicycling. And then the America’s Cu… read more

Bike Newport Activity Update: August 2011

Bike Newport, spearheaded by a representative group of Newport city stakeholders has made a great deal of progress since our May 20 inaugural Bike to Work Day –  with a significant focus on bicycle education.  We are working with the city, police, schools, businesses, NCCVB, community organizations and residents to reach more cyclists and to reinforce the rules of the road.  As we improve t… read more

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