Adopt-a-Bike (Donations & Rentals)

Recycle, Repair, Ride!

Our educational programs at The Bike Garages teach bicycle maintenance to youth and adults by collecting, repairing, and redistributing donated bicycles. Most of these bikes are earned through our Earn-A-Bike program or added to our Bike Library. You can adopt or rent a bike by making a suggested donation.

Interested in adopting or renting a bike in support of The Bike Garages? Come down to the Bike Garage at Rogers on Mondays from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, or contact us.


Available bikes and recommended minimum donations:
Sizes are approximate. Not all available bikes are pictured. Come to the Garage to check out the fleet!



Tandem bikes for rent:

We have two tandems available for rent. Suggested donation is $50/day or $150/week.

Vintage Schwinn Tandem:


Mountain Bike Tandem:


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