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Let’s Talk About Bike Adventures

Let's Talk About Bike Adventures

Our friends at The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition presents “Bicycle Adventures”: a series of talks by experienced bicycle travelers telling their stories of adventure, mishaps, and unrelenting pedaling. The next talks in the series are: Dare to experience: March 9,  “All the Mountain Biking” and “Oregon: Bike Camping Along the Columbia”. March 23, “RIDOT Bike Plan” and “Get… read more

Bike Love

So, you love your bike right? Well, it’s that time of year to return the love and show it some TLC. If you haven’t been keeping on top of your maintenance, or your bike has been locked away all winter, show your bike how much you care. Show your bike some love with a good clean. Your bike will run smoother and faster and who doesn’t love some TLC?           &nbs… read more

Ever tried the bus bike rack?

Try it out for yourself at Bike Newport – 62 Broadway (side of building). See how easy it is! Spread the word, come by try it and open yourself up to a while new world of transit opportunities. Also check out this information from RIPTA: RACK-N-RIDE All RIPTA’s buses are equipped with bike racks. You can take the bus one way, part of the way, or just to get out of bad weather. The bike racks ar… read more

Do your new year’s resolutions include commuting by bike?

Do your new year's resolutions include commuting by bike?

If they don’t, maybe they could. Whether you prefer to ride on the road, city streets, dirt, or if you’re brand spanking new to riding, here are a few ways to expand your bicycling comfort zone in 2018: Be prepared for winter cycling: Even if you can only ride a few times a month during the winter that’s better than none! It’s OK to take days off, the key is keeping it real and keeping it… read more

(Please) Map for Bikes!

(Please) Map for Bikes!

Calling all bike lovers, road safety advocates, map geeks, planners and anyone who wants to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas about bicycling in RI and support RI Moving Forward’s ‘Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP)’. The Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP) will take a more detailed look at the specific conditions, needs, and gaps surrounding bicycle infrastructure and operations in the State of… read more

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