Newport Waves

Pedestrian. Bicyclist. Motorist. All People.

All going places. Turns out we aren’t that different.
Let’s get along with a wave. Roll nice and stroll nice.

Newport Waves is a new campaign to make the city’s streets safer. The proposition is for all road users – pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, skateboarders, and others – to acknowledge one another with a simple, intuitive, and friendly gesture.  A “Newport Wave.”

The heart of the campaign is the above video, featuring a cast of characters known to many, the who’s who of Newport notables walking, biking, and driving. Together, the favorite community police officer (Jimmy Winters), the city’s surfing icon (Sid Abbruzzi), the Boston Marathon bomb survivor (Heather Abbott), the state’s Senate President (Theresa Paiva-Weed), and the rest of the cast, all elicit smiles, nods of approval, and a readiness to do the wave.

The video will play widely on web sites, on social media, and on screens citywide. The street banners will greet visitors and residents starting in early July 2015. Posters, postcards, and table tents will begin appearing as businesses join the campaign.

Visit for more information. “Raise your hand if you’re in!” is the battle cry for Newport Waves.

Get your wave on now, watch and SHARE the video to get residents and visitors involved, and like and share the Facebook page to see how the message is spreading. Own a local business? Own this campaign, too. Say “I see you.” WAVE! #dothewave #rollnice #strollnice #newportwaves

Questions? Contact or call (401) 619-4900.


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