So Many Reasons

So Many Reasons to support Bike Newport

What can your Monthly Donation
do for Bike Newport?


$5/month buys six youth helmets

$10/month restores four bicycles for community distribution

$20/month buys a high-capacity bike event rack

$30/month supplies needed Bike Garage tools

$50/month trains a League Certified Instructor

$100/month runs every part of Bike Newport for a day!


Your One-Time Donation
supports all that Bike Newport does:


Education – more trainings, classes for safer bicycling and road sharing, and partnering with community agencies

Infrastructure – advancement of bike lanes, paths, parking, and planning with local and state government

Ridership – every advance helps more people get on bikes safely, confidently, and frequently


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Thank you. Your support helps us reach our goals.

Expand the Bike Library to serve more kids and connect to Miantonomi Park trails

Break ground on the First Mile Bikeway

Evaluate and Advance Newport-specific Bike Share

Advise bike-supportive practices for the Pell Bridge ramp realignment project

Achieve 5 more miles of on-road bike accommodation in Newport

Address solutions to dangerous on-road locations

Introduce the first separated bike lane

Train 15 more educators and provide 20 more community classes

Distribute 300 more sets of free bike safety equipment

Graduate 100 youth Roll Models

Coming in 2018 – with your help

A visit to the Red Shed in Olneyville, Providence was the inspiration for a vision of a similar project in the north side of Newport.

We’re making it happen. The kids are waiting.

Let’s meet our goals!



So Many Reasons to support Bike Newport

So many reasons to support Bike Newport

Secured more than
$1 million funding and advanced planning for the First Mile Bikeway

Installed 5 bike repair stations

Ran more than 200 Open Garage sessions to restore bikes and teach bike safety and skills

Trained and engaged 12 Bike Garage Educators to teach bike safety and basic mechanical skills

Reached 210 youth with Bike Library cards

Distributed 300+ bikes through Earn-a-Bike, Adopt-a-Bike, and Borrow-a-Bike

Enrolled 28 Roll Model youth in afterschool programs

Engaged 23 youth in Neighborhood Loops Bike Art Project

Distributed 250 sets of night safety equipment

Managed 40 high capacity portable bike racks at locations and events citywide

Mentored 4 youth employees and 8 Met School interns

Routed and parked 4000 bicycles during the Newport Folk Festival

Supported 700 Bike Garage visits

Facilitated 555 Newport Waves campaign elements city wide

So many reasons to support Bike Newport

SO MANY REASONS to support biking • Recreation: Enjoy the nuances of the environment up close with family and friends • Economy: People on bikes save money; local businesses make money; road wear is reduced; and health care costs drop • Health: Biking can improve mental and physical health, reduce stress, improve mobility, and keep weight down • Environment: Biking is stewardship of the future – no carbon footprint; no air, water or noise pollution; and reduced need for pavement • Traffic: Every bicycle is one less car on the road, reducing congestion • Transportation: Bikes can be a primary choice, especially for local short distance travel • Happiness: Biking correlates with productivity, self-esteem, sense of community, and happiness. Think fresh air, endorphins, and smelling the roses • Preservation: Bikes help protect historic sites by reducing the damage of the heavier vehicles they replace. Also, people out of cars better appreciate the historic landscape and the need to preserve it

What’s YOUR reason?

Required Field

I love the freedom of being on my bike, exploring new areas and having one less car on the roads.

Clare Woodhead

I bike because it’s the best way to get around without fossil fuels and with great exercise

Harley Lee

It’s a great way to be in the moment…you see and experience things on a bike that you won’t if you’re in a vehicle.

Niko Merritt

More bikes = fewer cars!

Bari Freeman

More Bikes=Less traffic congestion.


Support Bike Newport

Thanks to you and all who make progress possible.

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