Before you head out on a ride do this really useful “ABC Quick Check ” to ensure a safe ride.

  • “A” = Air. Check the sidewall of the tire and inflate tires to the rated pressure as indicated on the sidewall. Use a pressure gauge to ensure proper tire pressure. Check if there’s any damage to tire tread and sidewall; replace tire if they’re worn.
  • “B” = Brakes. Have a look at your brakes, check the brakes and cables to make sure they aren’t worn down. See if you can reach the brake levers comfortably, then squeeze them for cable tightness and push forwards: if the wheel turns you will need to get your brakes fixed before you go out riding.
  • “C” = Chain : Always check that the chain is clean and lubricated. A rusty chain drags, changes gear poorly and may even snap. While you’re down there, spin your pedals and check that the cranks don’t wiggle from side to side and that there are no grinding noises from the bottom bracket. Finally, make sure your derailleur – the device that moves the chain between gears – is straight and clears your spokes comfortably.
  • Quick: Check your quick release skewers on your wheels. Make sure they are tight enough to keep your wheels on.
  • Check: Take a quick ride to check if derailleurs and brakes are working properly. Inspect the bike for broken parts or loose parts; tighten, replace or fix them.

If you ride on the roads a lot or do some off-roading then your bike will need more attention than a fair weather rider who ventures out once a month or so. Whatever  your bike needs, we’re here to help. The following links give some great advice will help keep your bike good working condition – and help you know when it’s time to bring it to Bike Newport to learn more about caring for your bike. It’s good to have a  few of your own tools to tweak and care for your bike such as a wrench, allen keys, de-greaser, bike pump etc, but if you don’t have them, bring your bike over to Bike Newport where you can use our tools and learn all you need to know.

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