Bike to the Folk and Jazz Festivals

Newport Folk Festival • July 26-28, 2019

Newport Jazz Festival • Aug 2-4, 2019 

Volunteering opportunities will be updated in 2019

Bike Parking and Volunteering at the Festivals in 2019!


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Join the 1,300+ bicyclists per day who arrive at the Newport Folk Fest with a bike and a smile!

Park n’ Bike | Bike Routes | At Fort Adams: Bike Parking & Tuneups | Volunteers 



… ditching the car, enjoying the ride, and skipping the traffic and parking hassles. Here’s how to BIKE to the many summer events at Fort Adams State Park – including Newport Folk Festival, and Newport Jazz Festival.

Please be aware that Newport in the summer is congested and drivers can be distracted. You should expect heavier traffic during major events and festivals. Ride carefully, pay extra attention and give yourself plenty of time to ride over. Remember, the same rules apply to cars and bicycles. Obey all traffic signs and signals and be sure to follow the direction of traffic on all streets, especially on our charming narrow one-way roads. Be sure to bring lights for your trip home!

Another thing – Newport is known for its history and beauty, but not so much for the condition of the roads. Watch for holes and ruts!



If you can’t find parking downtown, no worries, we have a more fun solution. Park your car and ride your BIKE.  Click here for directions to Newport’s 2 great “Park n’ Bike” lots.

BIKE ROUTES to and from Fort Adams

Note: navigational road signs will be displayed from July 25th through August 5th.

Arrow signs will mark the route from the Park & Bike lots (see above) to Fort Adams and back.









You can also use the map links below – pull them all up on your phone. Happy cycling!

Reminder – bring lights!!! You’ll likely be heading home in the dark.


Other Area Bike Maps



AT FORT ADAMS: Bike Parking and Tune Ups

Note: This is assisted bike parking, be sure to bring your lock.

Services vary for different events. The Newport Folk Festival includes both assisted bike parking and basic repairs thanks to our volunteer mechanics and Bike Newport staff, student interns, and volunteers. Why not drop you bike at the Tune Up Tent for a little TLC while you’re enjoying the show?


FF volunteers

Want to lend a hand at events and festivals? We need all the help we can get parking up to 1,300 bikes a day. All volunteers receive a wristband to the ticketed events as well – help us make Newport’s summer events bike-friendly and have fun while you’re at it!

Bike Parking shifts are all taken for Folk Fest, but we are still looking for Green Team volunteers to help with recycling and composting inside the festival grounds! For this special assignment, please click here asap. Thanks!

To park bikes at Jazz Fest, sign up here.





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