Peter Killea

Volunteer Educator/Mechanic

Peter retired in 2018 from a 30+ year banking career in New York and moved to Newport.  Bicycling has been a life-long passion and he’ll car-rack a bike for most any weekend visit to family and friends elsewhere, proclaiming “…. a bike ride is the best way to discover a city or town, especially early Sunday morning when its populace is sleeping off the prior night out and the streets are empty !”   Peter likes to tinker and repair existing equipment vs. the common impulse to replace anew, particularly where such may benefit others in need and gain a much appreciated 2nd life.  He has volunteered with Habitat and athletic programs for youth and physically disadvantaged and joined Bike Newport’s volunteer crew in 2018 to tap that heart chamber again.   You can find Peter in the Bike Garage 2-3 times a week and talking up Bike Newport around the area to build our network of partners and suppliers for our programs.