Bike Garages

Did you know that transportation is the second biggest expense in a family budget?

Biking is a fun, affordable, and practical transportation choice – and biking can seriously reduce those transportation expenses. Our bike garage programs help Newport locals and visitors benefit from biking!


Bike Garage 

62 Broadway

M, Wed, Th 4.30-7pm, Sat 1-4pm

Thursday is Garaje en Espanol. Anyone can attend. We will have Spanish speaking staff to assist anyone who needs it.

  • Open Garage
  • Earn-A-Bike
  • Adopt-A-Bike
  • Donate and Volunteer
Open Garages

womenclassOpen garages are community oriented and volunteer driven to support a DIY approach to understanding and fixing bicycles. We reclaim abandoned and discarded bikes, which are then repaired or harvested for useable parts with the help of our volunteers. Visitors can come in and use our knowledge, tools, and used parts for free to repair or build their bikes. The hope is that visitors leave with a new, affordable, healthy and fun way to get around town, and then maybe come back to pass on their new knowledge to others!


Mon, Wed, Thurs - 4.30-7pm, Sat 1-4pm


IMG_4469Anyone, can come down and volunteer three hours of labor during open shop hours. In return they will be allowed to build a bike for free using our collection of frames and gently used parts! We have a constant flow of donated bikes to choose from. They are in different levels of disrepair; from frame to functional, and they just need some loving attention to get them back on the road! So come down, help us out and earn yourself a bike.

Bike Library

BGN girlsSign-up for our bike library card for free and use it during open hours at participating garage locations to get a bike. The bike library welcomes all but is tailored toward Newport youth with basic tools and parts available should you need to do some repairs. Always make sure to return the bike before the shop closes!

Big Blue Bike Barn • 20 Sunset Blvd, Newport

Located at the Big Blue Bike Barn • Opening soon.


IMG_2810Some people just don’t have the time to earn a bike. To facilitate access to bicycle transportation for all, the bike garages also stock a limited number of fixed up, gently used bikes that can be adopted. These bikes can be had for a suggested donation. The funds collected from this program help support continued operations and other educational programs. Come visit the shops to see what’s available!

Donate and Volunteer

The bike garages operate on generous contributions and donations from the community and our visitors. Donate a bike. We’ll take just about anything as long as we use the parts, frame, or both and recycle them back into the community. Donate some cash. Financial donations help fund continued programming for kids and adults in our community. Donate your time. We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers. You don't need to know a lot about bikes and you don't have to commit every weekend for the rest of the decade. Just swing by, pick up a wrench, and say you want to volunteer! Visit for more.

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